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Swanton Abbott Parish Council

This page holds all the current information and documents pertaining to the Parish Council, its members and activities.


Swanton Abbott is made up of several parish councillors, who have been democratically elected onto the council to make policy decisions about the way the village is run and about how a proportion of your council tax (known as our precept) is spent. 

Your current councillors are:
Cllr. Christine Belsham - Chair, Parish Magazine.
Cllr. Malcolm Vaughan - Vice-Chair, Planning and Highways issues.
Cllr. Sheila Taylor - Rights of Way and Bridleways.
Cllr. Rosemary Gee - Village Hall Representative, Broadband and mobile phone.
Cllr. Sharon Underwood - Play Park
Cllr. Clive Haden - Website, Facebook and IT, Village Plan co-ordinator
Cllr. Sam Howlett - Play Park

To contact the Parish Council please send an email to: parishcouncil@swantonabbott.co.uk

Parish Clerk:
Gill Kimmerling, 39 Swanton Abbott Road, Westwick, NR10 5DN Tel: 01692 538971

Glyn Williams stood down from Vice Chairman in Dec 2015 but continues to attend regularly in his capacity as a North Norfolk District Councillor


Meetings are held in the Village Hall, The Street, Swanton Abbott.

Next meeting dates. Start time 7:00pm unless noted otherwise:

March 13th,

May 15th (APM @ 6:30pm followed by APCM @ 7:30pm

July 10th, Sept 11th, Nov 13th

Jan 15th 2019

Parish Plan

Village Plan 2009